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    IN THE MATTER OF WHITTINGTON , 391 U.S. 972 (1968)

    U.S. Supreme Court

    IN THE MATTER OF WHITTINGTON , 391 U.S. 972 (1968)

    391 U.S. 972

    In the Matter of Buddy Lynn WHITTINGTON, petitioner.
    No. 701.

    Supreme Court of the United States

    June 7, 1968

    Daniel A. Rezneck, for applicant.

    E. Raymond Morehart, in opposition.

    The application for bail or release on personal recognizance or other appropriate conditions presented to Mr. Justice Stewart, and by him referred to the Court, is denied. It is ordered that the mandate of this Court issue forthwith to enable applicant to apply for release on bail or otherwise to the appropriate court of the State of Ohio.[ In the Matter of Whittington 391 U.S. 972 (1968) ]

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