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    BRADLEY v. LIGHTCAP, 195 U.S. 24 (1904)

    U.S. Supreme Court

    BRADLEY v. LIGHTCAP, 195 U.S. 24 (1904)

    195 U.S. 24

    LYDIA BRADLEY, Plff. in Err.,
    No. 306.

    Supreme Court of the United States
    Argued April 21, 1904

    May 31, 1904

    Messrs. John S. Miller, Merritt Starr, and W. W. Hammond for plaintiff in error.

    Messrs. E. A. Wallace, George W. Wall, and Lyman Lacey, Jr., for defendant in error.

    Mr. Chief Justice Fuller delivered the opinion of the court:

    After the decision reported 186 Ill. 510, 58 N. E. 221, Mrs. Bradley filed her bill in equity in the circuit court of Fulton county, Illinois, to quiet her title to the land in controversy in the action in ejectment, and for appropriate relief. The bill was dismissed on demurrer, and Mrs. Bradley carried the case to the supreme court of Illinois, which affirmed the decree below. [195 U.S. 24, 25]   Bradley v. Lightcap, 202 Ill. 154, 67 N. E. 45, April 24, 1903. Three of the members of the court dissented. The opinion of the supreme court proceeded on the strength of the decisions in 186 Ill. 510, 58 N. E. 221, and 201 Ill. 511, 66 N. E. 546.

    As we have reversed the judgment in the prior case, this case must take the same course.

    Decree reversed, and cause remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with our opinion in No. 243.

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