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GAYES v. STATE OF NEW YORK., 329 U.S. 710 (1946)

U.S. Supreme Court

GAYES v. STATE OF NEW YORK., 329 U.S. 710 (1946)

329 U.S. 710

Marvin GAYES, petitioner,
No. 405.

Supreme Court of the United States

December 16, 1946

Petitioner pro se.

Mr. Nathaniel L. Goldstein, Atty. Gen. of New York, for respondent.

The motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis is granted. The petition for writ of certiorari to the County Court of Monroe County, State of New York, is also granted. It is ordered that Herbert Wechsler, Esquire, of New York City, a member of the Bar of this Court, be appointed to serve as counsel for the petitioner in this case.[ Gayes v. State of New York. 329 U.S. 710 (1946) ]

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