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    TEXAS & N. O. R. CO. v. U.S., 295 U.S. 395 (1935)

    U.S. Supreme Court

    TEXAS & N. O. R. CO. v. U.S., 295 U.S. 395 (1935)

    295 U.S. 395

    TEXAS & N.O.R. CO. et al.
    UNITED STATES et al.
    No. 670.

    Decided May 13, 1935.

    [295 U.S. 395, 396]   Messrs. J. H. Tallichet, of Houston, Tex., and Robert W. Thompson, of Dallas, Tex., for appellants.

    The Attorney General, for the United States.


    This is a suit to restrain the enforcement of two orders of the Interstate Commerce Commission, made July 24, 1933, and December 11, 1933, respectively, relating to rates for the transportation of horses and mules, in carloads, in southwestern territory. Western Horse and Mule Rates, 195 I.C.C. 417. Upon the hearing by the District Court, composed of three judges, the application for an injunction was denied and the amended bill of complaint was dismissed.

    This Court, upon an examination of the record, agrees with the conclusion of the District Court that the orders in question were sustained by findings of the Commission acting within its statutory authority and that these findings were adequately supported by evidence. The decree is affirmed.


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