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    STATE OF FLORIDA EX REL WAILES v. CROOM, 226 U.S. 309 (1912)

    U.S. Supreme Court

    STATE OF FLORIDA EX REL WAILES v. CROOM, 226 U.S. 309 (1912)

    226 U.S. 309

    A. C. CROOM, Comptroller of the State of Florida.
    No. 646.

    Submitted December 2, 1912.
    Decided December 16, 1912.

    Mr. Fred Beall [226 U.S. 309, 310]   for plaintiff in error.

    Messrs. W. S. Jennings, E. J. L'Engle, and Park M. Trammell for motion to dismiss.

    No brief in opposition.

    Memorandum opinion, by direction of the court, by Mr. Chief Justice White:

    This is an action in mandamus. The party proceeded against in the state court was A. C. Croom, sued in his official character as comptroller of the state of Florida. On January 16, 1912, the supreme court of Florida affirmed a judgment denying the writ. On April 11, 1912, this writ of error was sued out by the relator below, and Croom, comptroller, was named as defendant in error. Citation was served by delivering a copy to the attorney general of the state of Florida. The attorneys who represented the defendant in the state courts, acting as friends of the court, have placed upon the files evidence establishing that A. C. Croom died on February 7, 1912, and that William V. Knott was thereafter appointed and duly qualified as comptroller of the state of Florida, and has been acting as such since February 17, 1912. Under the circumstances thus detailed it results that the writ of error was improvidently sued out, and it must therefore be dismissed.

    Writ of error dismissed.

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