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    TRAVELERS' INS. CO. v. PREWITT, 200 U.S. 450 (1906)

    U.S. Supreme Court

    TRAVELERS' INS. CO. v. PREWITT, 200 U.S. 450 (1906)

    200 U.S. 450

    TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY, of Hartford, Connecticut, Plff. in Err.,
    HENRY R. PREWITT, Insurance Commissioner of the State of Kentucky.
    No. 184.

    Argued January 16, 1906.
    Decided February 19, 1906.

    Messrs. Edmund F. Trabue, John G. Johnson, William Bro Smith, John D. Doolan, and Attilla Cox, Jr., for plaintiff in error.

    Messrs. J. H. Hazelrigg, N. B. Hays, H. R. Prewitt, and Hazelrigg & Hazelrigg for defendant in error.

    Per Mr. Justice Peckham:

    This case involves the same principle as that decided in the foregoing case, and, for the reasons stated in the opinion above, the writ of error to the Court of Appeals of the State of Kentucky is dismissed.[ Travelers' Ins Co v. Prewitt 200 U.S. 450 (1906) ]

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